Addison Sewell

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Around the time of her 14th birthday, Addison Sewell was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, a growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow.  “It was hard, and I really felt bad [after finding out].  I didn’t want to miss school…or soccer,” said Addison.  The news of her disease not only came as a shock to Addison, but her family as well, especially her mother, Stephanie.  

“Leukemia was the farthest thing from my mind,” said Stephanie. “I didn’t know what the symptoms were.  I didn’t even know it was a possibility.”

 Now, for Addison and her family, treatments for leukemia are an everyday part of their lives.

With Children’s support team and family and friends by her side, Addison keeps a smile on her face, especially when asked about a visit from Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s Anatomy’s “Dr. McDreamy.”    

“It was so awesome for him to make the trip out here,” said Stephanie. “At first it was only going to be a phone call, but he was determined to make it happen. Addison was so excited.”

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