Why We Race

Children's of Alabama Spotlight

“The work we do is so critical to our patients and families that we see from all over Alabama and the surrounding states and Racing for Children’s has been an amazing partner in allowing us to really meet that mission head on. It’s through their support that we’re able to do the complex clinical trials, the family supports to really help these patients and their families through the cancer journey and patients who are facing live threatening diseases really need a lot of support,” said Dr. Matthew Kutny, Director of Leukemia, Lymphoma & Histiocytosis programs at Children’s of Alabama. 

“We can’t do this alone. It really takes a village,” says Dr. Fred Goldman, Bone Marrow Transplant Director at Children’s of Alabama. “The support thatRacing for Children’s has provided has been incredible. A tremendous amount of research has been done thanks to the support of the organization. We continue to make strides. My goal is to put myself out of business. I don’t want to take care of kids that need a bone marrow transplant. I want us to cure them before they get to that point. The world is looking at us. We are definitely a center of excellence in some of the things that we are doing here, and I think that we are going to be the pace car for the rest of the world.”


Join the Team and Spread the Word

Let’s Go Racing for Children’s and CURE childhood cancers and blood disorders.

Hospital Visit

R       Raise Awareness

Spread the word about Racing for Children’s, share our website, share & follow social media, host a watch party – or email us for more information on how you can join the team.
Attend our annual Charity Dinner & Auction.

Fundraising Dinner

F       Fundraise

Less than 4% of annual federal research funds are driven toward childhood cancer research. The percentage allocated for blood disorder research each year is less than 1%. Our children are worth more than 5%! Let’s to Racing for Children’s and change that! Create a fundraising team and/or challenge for the 2023 season.

C       Corporate Partners

We’d love to welcome your corporate partnerships or help craft a corporate fundraising campaign to benefit Racing for Children’s. Connect with us and get ready to start your engines!